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Who is Qualified for this offer?

In order to qualify for our Free RV rental offer, you must meet these 3 criteria:

  1. You must own a home somewhere in the Greater Bay Area inside our general service area    Note:  ​If you don't own a home, CLICK HERE​​

  2. You must agree to the Rental Terms

  3. You must agree to "The Catch"

We are using this free RV rental offer as a fun way of networking with home owners while continuing to expand our successful real estate business.  By renting our RV for essentially free, you will likely save ~$3,000 - $5,000 (compared to if you rent from an RV rental company).  You will be allowed to "rent" our RV for pretty much free for a total of 14 days (which can be spread out over 1-3 vacations).  You will also receive an additional bonus 7 days at a later date.  We hope you will be creating wonderful family memories along the way!

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