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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Who are you and why would you let people rent your RV for free? 

Answer: We're a local, top producing real estate agent/Broker team (husband & wife) in the Bay Area.  You can find out more information about us HERE.  We enjoy finding creative ways of interacting and networking with people.  We have a nice RV (multiple RVs actually) we use for family vacations once in a while, but most of the time unfortunately it just sits around in storage.  We thought it would be a fun idea to allow future clients the opportunity to take our RV practically free of charge so they too could build some wonderful family memories! 

Q:  What dates can I use this RV?  What is the availability? 

Answer: They're almost always going to be available.  We don't use them often, so just let us know your dates of interest. Obviously, the further in advance you let us know the better chance they will be available.  Fill out the form HERE or send us an email or text us before someone else takes your dates!  Summer time gets pretty booked up.

Q:  What makes a "Qualified Person" eligible for this offer? 

Answer: You must live in the Bay Area (which is where our real estate business operates), and you must own a home.  That's pretty much it!  You can check our general service area HERE

If you don't own a home, you can still take advantage of this offer by CLICKING HERE.

Q:  What's "the catch"? 

Answer: As we mentioned above, we're willing to rent our RV for free to future clients to enjoy now and build memories with their family. We have fond memories from when we were both kids going on RV trips with our families, and now that we're adults with our own 3 kids we enjoy passing on the fun tradition. We will allow qualified persons to take our RV for practically free on 1-3 vacations (14 days total), likely saving you $3,000-$5,000 now.  In exchange, you agree that whenever it is time to sell your home (sometime in the future) you will give us a call and we'll assist you.  Once we sell your home (for top dollar I might add) we'll even give you another free 1 week rental for another fun family trip.  That's 21 days of free RV rentals on us!  We think it's a Win-Win.

Q:  Do I need to be selling my house now in order to use your RV for free? 

Answer:  Nope!  It doesn't matter to us if you are selling now or if you aren't even thinking about selling.  You simply need to agree that down the road when you do sell your home you'll give us a call and we'll assist you.  Not to worry--We've been helping sellers and buyers for over 23 years now and we are very good at what we do to help sellers maximize their sales price. We're in the top few percent of producing agents in the Bay Area. In the last 10 years alone, we've personally assisted over 250 sellers and buyers with their real estate transactions while setting several sales price records along the way for our sellers.  You will be in very good hands when the time comes.  You can learn more about us HERE. You can also visit our 

Q:  Do your RVs have any bonus features that make them safer and more enjoyable? 

Answer:  Yes they do!  Take a look HERE.

Q:  How big is the RV? 

Answer:  We have three RVs in two sizes. Two RVs we currently have are 30 feet long, 8.3 feet wide, 11.5 feet tall. These two larger RVs sleep 5-8 people depending on the number of adults and children. Our smaller RV is 23 feet long, 8.3 feet wide and 11.5 feet tall and the 23' RV sleeps up to 5 people. 

Q:  How many seatbelts are in the RV? 

Answer:  The 30' RVs have seatbelts for 9 people including some latch points for baby car seats.  If you have kids in car seats please let me know ahead of time so I can show you well before your vacation what the connections look like.  The 23' RV has seatbelts for 5 people, but no specific latch points for baby car seats.  

Q:  Do I need to have a special license to drive this RV? 

Answer: No. In fact, it is built on a large truck chassis and it almost drives similar to a very large SUV.  It is large and tall, so of course you need to drive carefully.  

Q:  How many people can sleep in the RV? 

Answer: There are several places in the RV for people to sleep.  The actual number of people it will comfortably sleep is going to depend a bit on the size of the people (adults?  kids?).  There is a bedroom in the back with a queen size bed that can sleep 2.  The couch (in the 30' RV) folds down into a bed and can sleep 1-2 people.  The dinette folds down into a bed and can sleep 1-2 people.  And the over-the-cab section in the front of the RV can sleep 2 people (it's pretty large).  So the answer to your question is...somewhere between 4-8 people can comfortably sleep in the RVs.

Q: What if I've never rented an RV before?  Can you show me how everything works?

Answer: Not a problem.  We can show you how to operate everything!  We will walk you through all of the systems, we've got some YouTube videos which explain a lot, and we also have a "How To" document you'll take with you on your trip.  And as long as you have cell coverage you can always give us a call to ask us questions during your trip. We're always here to help!

Q:  What kind of gas does it use and what sort of gas mileage does an RV get? 

Answer: The RVs use regular unleaded gas and get ~8 miles per gallon which is pretty typical for an RV this size.  They have large gas tank (55 gallons) so you won't have to fill up very often.

Q:  Are there any restrictions on the number of miles I can drive? 

Answer:  Not really.  You must remain in the continental United States or Canada (Insurance reasons).  The first 2,000 miles are free.  Beyond that, there will be a minimal charge of $0.20/mile to help cover extra maintenance (i.e. oil change, tires, etc).  Most rental companies charge $0.35/mi.  Most people will not be going 2,000+ miles so there will be no charge for miles!

Q:  Where can I take this RV? 

Answer: Anywhere in the continental United States and Canada!  Sorry, it cannot be taken to Mexico.

Q:  What do I need for insurance when driving this RV? 

Answer:  Whenever you rent an RV (through us or an actual RV rental company) you will be required to get insurance. Often times you can add this for free under your current auto insurance carrier.  If your current auto insurance company doesn't allow this, we can help you set up a stand alone policy for your rental period for ~$35/day.  Having your own insurance protects you, us, and everyone on the road. 

Q:  What else does this RV have that might be of interest? 

Answer: A kitchen, microwave, stove, refrigerator, bathroom, shower, dining area, couch, AC, furnace, generator, SOLAR, backup camera, and even a bin of games.  You will need to provide the linens, towels, and most cookware.

Q:  Can we bring our pets in the RV?  

Answer: Feel free to contact us to let us know what you have, and we'll let you know if it is possible.

Q:  Can we smoke in the RV?  

Answer:  Smoking of any kind is not allowed in the RV!  We are trying to keep this RV clean and smoke free.  If you return the RV smelling like smoke you might lose some or all of your security deposit.  Please don't smoke in it!

Q:  What if I live outside your general service area but I'm still interested in using your RV?  

Answer:  We cannot make any promises, but go ahead and contact us and we might be able to work something out.  We are using this as a way of networking with people inside our geographic area of business.  But sometimes exceptions can be made.

Q:  What if I don't own a home, but I have a family member or relative who does?  

Answer:  Send us a message and let's talk.  Perhaps we can work something out with them so that you each get a free 1 week RV rental.  

Q:  What if I don't own a home, but I am thinking about buying one?  

Answer:  CLICK HERE for info.

Q:  Am I allowed to tell my friends, co-workers, extended family, neighbors about this free RV rental opportunity? 

Answer:  Absolutely...We hope you do!  Send them the link

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