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Summary: Aside from a $100 cleaning fee and perhaps the cost of insurance, renting our RVs is "free"!

  • Per day use fee:  $0

  • Unlimited generator use

  • First 2,000 miles are free, then just $0.20/mile to help cover extra wear and tear/maintenance

  • You will pick it up with a full tank of will need to return it with a full tank of gas

  • You should return it in the same condition as when you picked it up.  There will be a $100 cleaning fee so we can make sure it is always clean for whoever is going to use it next

  • You need to have the RV added to your insurance while you are using it.  This is no different than if you rented an RV from a rental company.  Easy to do.  Most auto insurance companies allow you to add it for free to your existing auto policy.  Otherwise, we can help you set up a stand alone policy during your rental period for  ~$35/day.  You will be responsible for any damage (which  is why insurance is required)

  • $1,000 Security Deposit required (refunded afterwards assuming no damage and it is returned with a full tank of gas)

  • You must be a Qualified Person and you must agree to "The Catch"

  • Have fun...make memories!

Summary: Aside from the $100 cleaning fee and perhaps the cost of insurance (free or ~$35/day), renting our RV is "free"!

Why would we do that?  To find out  CLICK HERE

Free RV Rental Terms

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