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Bonus Features in our RVs

Our 30' RVs were purchased from Cruise America, and for your added benefit/comfort/safety I added the following:   (Cruise America rentals do NOT have these features)



  • 32" TV/DVD player

  • 8 USB charging ports throughout the RV for all your family's devices

  • Doubled the Coach/House battery capacity (so you can last longer unconnected to power)

  • 500w of solar panels (so you can stay off-grid/unconnected entirely if you want)

  • 1000w inverter (so you can plug in 120v items when not connected to power, or watch TV/DVDs while driving)

  • Upgraded commercial grade tires for better safety (better carrying capacity by 2,000lbs, reduces the chance of a blowout)

  • Backup camera (surprisingly, these are not standard on RVs but are extremely helpful)

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (for added safety)

  • Lots of things for your campsite, including: 9x15 patio mat, welcome mat, leveling blocks, pop-up garbage can, etc

Our 23' RV has very similar upgrades to make your vacation safer and more enjoyable!

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