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Thinking about buying a home?

Not a home owner yet?   We have many people tell us that they are not yet home owners but are thinking about buying sometime in the next few years.  (We would love to assist you with that...feel free to contact us anytime!)  We wanted to find a way to help you out with a "free" RV rental too.   Here's what we came up with...

We are willing to rent you one of our RVs at 10% below market rate (compared to  In the future, if you use our real estate services to help you purchase a home, we will refund you DOUBLE the rental amount you paid us PLUS give you a free week of RV rental after your purchase.  With this approach, your RV rental from us is effectively free (in a round about way).  Actually, it is better than free since we will refund you double.  I know it might not be ideal (paying now), but I'm sure you can appreciate that we can't just let everyone use our RV for free by simply saying they are thinking about buying a home when in fact they may have no actual plans to do so (...or they will choose to use the services of another real estate agent to represent them on their purchase).  Using this offer still gets you a free RV rental.

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