(Sleeps 5-8 people)

Rent our 23' or 30' Class C  family RVs for free!

Free RV Rental Terms

  • Per day use fee:  $0

  • Unlimited generator use

  • First 2000 miles are free, then just $0.20/mile to help cover extra wear and tear/maintenance.

  • You will pick it up with a full tank of gas...you will need to return it with a full tank of gas.

  • You should return it in the same condition as when you picked it up.  There will be a $100 cleaning fee so we can make sure it is always clean for whoever is going to use it next.

  • You need to have the RV added to your insurance while you are using it.  This is no different than if you rented an RV from a rental company.  Easy to do.  Most auto insurance companies allow you to add it for free to your existing auto policy during your rental.  Otherwise, we can help you set up a stand alone policy during your rental period for ~$35/day You will be responsible for any damage (...which  is why insurance is required)

  • $1000 Security deposit required (refunded afterwards assuming no damage and it is returned with a full tank of gas)

  • You must be a Qualified Person and you must agree to "The Catch"

  • Have fun...make memories!

Summary: Aside from the $100 cleaning fee and perhaps the cost of insurance (free or ~$35/day), renting our RV is "free"!

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